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We are sales professionals in the Japanese market.


Are you interested in:

  • finding business partners and agents in Japan?
  • expanding into the Japanese market?
  • learning about Japanese business culture?
  • hiring Japanese employees?
  • the advantages of entering the Japanese market?

Why choose us?

We are here to assist you. Our team consists of highly experienced Japanese professionals, all with over a decade of BtoB sales experience with Japanese companies. We offer more than just appointment-setting services, and promise to provide a high-quality sales system on your behalf, including meetings, follow-ups, and up-selling. Being Japanese, our unique value extends beyond the language barrier, as we leverage our expertise to navigate Japan’s distinct rules and culture. We go beyond mere support. As we have experience in facilitating the entry of foreign corporations into the Japanese market, with our first-hand experience, we create an environment where we can share the challenges and cultural differences, and grow together.

Our primary services include:

  • Acting as sales agents to Japanese businesses (including finding suitable agents)
  • Dispatching sales representatives for trade show exhibitions
  • Providing training for your in-house sales team
  • Marketing
  • Providing assistance and consultations with all aspects of your market entry into Japan (including legal and tax)* Legal and tax services are provided through our affiliated tax and law firms, etc.
  • Hiring Japanese staffs
  • Managing social media accounts for the Japanese market

Our Services

Sales Consulting

Sales Support and Agency Recruitment

Our experienced Japanese sales professionals offer representation and agent recruitment services with Japanese companies of all sizes. Stay up-to-date on meeting results and sales performance through Reonardo, our original platform. Upon request, we also provide sales consulting and coaching, including guidance on Japan’s sales rules and etiquette.

Sales Consulting

Marketing research

When planning to enter the Asian or Japanese market, it is important to conduct market research to assess the reception of your services and products in Japan. We are here to support you in your market entry by providing everything from quantitative research to translating government reports and handling legal matters.

Sales Consulting

Company Establishment Support

Our company offers complete assistance in setting up your business in Japan. We take care of the incorporation process and provide support in various areas including recruitment, office space acquisition, opening bank accounts, and introducing English-speaking tax accountants. Our strength lies in providing comprehensive assistance in personnel, tax, and legal matters.

Expansion into Japan —
Why Now?

Clear Legal Framework and Regulations

While the Chinese market is currently in the spotlight, we recommend starting with Japan as a launching pad and later expanding into other parts of Asia. Japan’s legal framework and regulations are well-defined, and there are no sudden government-driven rule alterations. Business activities can be conducted based on contractual agreements. Rest assured, there are certainly no internet access restrictions.

Personal connections are not essential in the business context. The country welcomes foreign companies and offers various support, making it an ideal starting point for expanding into Asia.

Reliable Logistics and Excellent Accessibility

Japan boasts hub airports at the heart of Asia with excellent accessibility to various Asian countries. Its domestic transportation network is extensive and allows for seamless travel from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Japan’s logistics system is unparalleled in its precision, ensuring secure and safe transactions. The country’s diverse geography spans from the cold climate of Hokkaido to the tropical paradise of Okinawa, offering opportunities for test marketing in various environments.

Who we are


Tanaka Chisa

Chisa worked in corporate sales at a foreign-owned financial institution.

She then studied in Shanghai as a government-sponsored international student. After completing her studies, she worked in Shanghai, handling corporate sales for both a Japanese and a Swedish company.

After serving as a sales manager in the Swedish company, Chisa assumed the role of president and representative director of a Japanese subsidiary. She worked with leading Japanese companies including Nintendo, Sony, NTT, and Mitsubishi Corporation, achieving record-breaking sales in the Japanese market.

She established tanakato Co., Ltd. in 2021.

Throughout her career, Chisa has engaged in consultative corporate sales, earning a reputation for extensive knowledge ranging from uncovering needs to nurturing sales professionals.

General Manager

Osasa Kumiko

Kumiko joined a foreign-owned insurance company as a fresh graduate. She worked in corporate consulting sales and achieved multiple internal recognitions, including securing the top spot in new business partner acquisition as a new employee, and later achieving the third position company-wide. Kumiko then worked at a foreign-owned financial institution, where she engaged in marketing and key account activities. She was responsible for a diverse range of clients, including large corporations, financial institutions, and small and medium-sized businesses, contributing to increased sales for partner companies.

Kumiko joined tanakato in 2022 as a corporate sales professional, offering effective sales advice and document preparation.


Support for
  • ¥300,000~
Sales Support
  • 150,000
  • ¥600,000
Small Meeting
  • ¥20,000
  • IRサイトのトレンドを国内外併せて紹介
  • ミーティング回数
  • Web会社とのミーティング
  • 備考
  • 100,000
  • ミーティング+改善レポート
  • ミーティング回数
  • Web会社とのミーティング
  • ¥550,000
  • IRサイトコンサルティング全般
  • ミーティング回数
  • Web会社とのミーティング
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Sales Consulting

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